5 Most Important Tech Trends in 2021

The pandemic forced the authorities to adapt quickly. During the past year, the government IT team has been busy expanding remote office capabilities, completing cloud migration and digital transformation projects, and achieving ever-increasing benefits. A major change in government IT is just the beginning. The large-scale transformation confined to work only accelerated the changes that took place at the time, and many new developments were undeniably made.

Starting in 2020, it accelerated in 2021 and in the past. Here are five technological changes that every government IT teacher should keep in mind.




Tech Trends2021




1:  Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation. It’s not the employee’s business. Nowadays, the use of automation has become a common practice for civilian applications. Receive unemployment checks or groceries stamps during the pandemic, as these cycles have recently required human cooperation. By 2021, with the help of automation, the number of calls to citizens will be higher. Organizations can automate the first phase of processing large numbers of citizen queries. For example, by identifying the missing signature on the form and sending it back for correction. 



2: Artificial Intelligence

The second technological trend is artificial intelligence. It completely avoids the use of human resources for important tasks, which have nothing to do with decision-making. Use artificial intelligence. In 2020, government agencies are becoming more aware of automation and machine learning. The amount of data has skyrocketed, and people just can’t handle the work; raw computing power has also increased significantly. Therefore, government agencies now have the infrastructure, needs, and conveniences that rely on artificial intelligence. It is imperative to develop algorithms that do not rely on all these data, but as the amount of data increases, the government’s adoption of artificial intelligence is essential to maintain a country’s geopolitical status and increase human resources.


3: Remote-access Technologies

In the technological trend, remote access technology has attracted more and more attention. The most advanced security technology available to the government. In 2020, federal IT experts attach great importance to business continuity, and this is for good reason. It is important to connect employees remotely as soon as possible. In 2021, they must go back to protect the security of many applications and networks launched in the cloud in the past year. Ransomware has grown to the point where it can take advantage of this opportunity. This year, organizations should not establish trust relationships for remote users and then apply these settings to field workers, not the other way around. This means that the focus is on protecting users and applications, not the network itself, which is what integrates predictive analytics into your workflow.


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4: Data Analytics to Predictive Analytics

People will continue to participate in the decision-making process, but predictive analytics will become more powerful and reliable next year and beyond. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture has turned to predictive analysis to help managers of farms, forests, and ranches make sustainable decisions. In addition, predictive analysis helps the Department of Defense predict when vehicle parts need to be replaced and helps the vehicle maintain higher availability. In 2021 and beyond, the number of use cases for predictive analytics will continue to grow. Technology trends include predictive data analysis.




5: Cyber Security


 Cyber security must include not only the implementation of automation, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, but also end-to-end location security systems, including everything from zero trust to the continuous control of the supply chain, which is continuously monitored by CMMC, Ministry of Defense Supply Chain, Cyber security.
As well, ongoing monitoring allows agencies to establish a baseline for each company.



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