How to rank your fiverr gigs best

So on topic how to rank your fiverr gigs best today I had a detailed description about the fiverr policies and how to rank your fiverr gigs best. Here is the summary of the points, hope it will be helpful for many of you 🙂
how to rank your fiverr gigs best and Top-rated sellers, as we all know are selected by the FIVERR team manually, but there are a number of factors on the basis of which you get selected! i am addressing some of the points here (besides selling seniority of 180 days, 100 orders completed, $20000 earning, 30 days without warning)
– if your gigs prices are only $5 then you will not be get selected.
-your gigs should be from one category, for example, if you are offering graphics designing, app development, web development, SEO from a single account then you will not be selected for top-rated, its mandatory to have services from one category.
-customer satisfaction, communication, etc
2- we can calculate late deliveries but we can’t count late orders so they will be bringing this feature too so sellers can see how many orders are late and how many they need to complete on time so they can try to catch up before evaluation time on every 15th of a month.
3- Promoted Gigs
Fiverr recently introduced promoted gigs, but we can’t see all gig in the promoted section even they have a number of completed orders and best reviews, the reason for that is they haven’t launched it for all the categories, so if you are now seeing promoted gigs menu in your profile then this could be one of the reasons.
4- There are situations in which the seller and buyer need to discuss things over a call as just writing things is not clearing the confusion, so Fiverr is trying to come up with a built-in call system that will keep a record of everything you talked about. Currently, they are allowing some sellers including me to discuss things with buyers over zoom if it’s extremely necessary ( keeping in loop your Fiverr contact person)
5- If you are not an individual freelancer and running an agency then you can still use the individual accounts and offer multiple services on which your multiple team members can work, and they can also open a single account on multiple pc.
6- Seller Protection
Fiverr is working more towards seller protection now, if you have completed the work and the buyer is not accepting it or trying to cancel it then you can contact customer support, if you have a considerable amount of evidence to prove your case then they don’t cancel the order.
7- Fiverr doesn’t want to be known for a cheap marketplace anymore so they urge its sellers to increase the prices of their gigs from $5.